Automotive Gantry Cranes

When you need to lift and move heavy loads in open spaces and do not want to be constrained by fixed runways, automotive gantry cranes are the perfect solution.

An automotive gantry crane on wheels allows the movement of loads in all types of industries and applications with autonomy. Generator or diesel powered, with lifting capacities ranging from 20T to 600T, these cranes are robust, easy to manoeuvre and simple to maintain. We can provide a full range of standardised and custom-engineered options for industries including prefabricated, outdoor logistic storehouses (wind energy, prefabricated concrete structures, boiler making, etc.).

Unlike traditional gantry cranes, which operate in two directions and move along fixed runways, automotive gantry cranes operate on wheels and allow travel in 360°. They are the ideal solution for lifting and moving loads in large outdoor yards and warehouses. One benefit of choosing a gantry crane is the mobility, unlike other cranes that are mounted, gantry cranes are moveable. You can also adjust where lifts are in terms of adjustable height.

Gantry cranes are generally used for lifting extremely heavy objects. Because of this, they are often employed during shipbuilding, where the crane straddles the ship to allow for very large jobs, such as lifting the engines into the ship. Smaller gantry cranes are generally used for manufacturing jobs, and shifting large parts in and out of locations – or between work stations and assembly points. In warehouses (where there are heavier materials and loads to be moved) gantry cranes are often used as they can typically carry heavy weights.

Whatever your requirement or project, we can provide a tailored solution to suit. Contact the WHS team today who are always on hand to help.