Cleanroom Cranes

Working with a market leading supplier, we can offer state-of-the-art equipment for controlled environments. By utilising materials such as stainless steel, UHMW and synthetic lubricants, the cleanroom cranes are capable of operating in a class 10, 100, 1000, or 10000 cleanroom environments.

Essential for those in the semi-conductor, aerospace, pharmaceutical and food industry, cleanroom cranes enable better control of your production process, more stringent monitoring of quality and the ability to adhere to the strict guidelines and regulations of the sector.

Many clean rooms are fairly small in size, so there might only be a limited amount of floor space for you to work with. This can impact the size of the equipment that you will be able to fit inside your clean room, which can impact the type of cleanroom crane you’re looking for.

Freestanding clean room cranes may not allow you to be able to move around easily and freely. You need to take into account the legs and other components getting in the way. A freestanding clean room crane may not be the right fit for your business, or if you want to ensure that you have as much movement as possible available to you when using your clean room crane, then you might find that a ceiling suspended clean room crane is the most appropriate crane for you needs. Ceiling suspended clean room cranes can be installed pretty much anywhere.

Improving the efficiency of your workflow and with lifting capacities from 50kg to 20T, contact the WHS team to learn more about our cleanroom crane offering.