Electric Overhead Travelling Cranes

Electric overhead travelling cranes (also referred to as bridge cranes, or overhead gantry cranes) are cranes with a lifting system like a hoist or open winch.

Working with our suppliers, we provide a full range of both standardised and custom engineered overhead cranes and crane kits that are relied on by multiple industries to increase productivity, enhance safety and help minimise maintenance costs.

We provide overhead cranes in two styles, box girder and standard profile, which feature an integrated lifting mechanism, typically a hoist or open winch. Our optimised combination of crane structure and lifting mechanism (whether for lifting, cross travel or long travel) reduces hook approaches and maximised the useful area of your facility. Hoists come in under running, top running, foot mount, and built-up designs. End trucks are available in top running, top running bogey and underhung types.

We can offer double girder and single girder electric overhead travelling cranes, covering a range from 100kg to 100,000kg. A robust construction with a high level of standardisation makes our electric overhead travelling cranes very modular and adaptable to any need with highly reliable components and available for a wide range of applications. We can offer complete customisation with all cranes being designed in house by our team of experts.

Our wire rope hoists and crane components come with the latest motor and control technology. We can also provide structural supporting steel from our EN1090 certified workshop.

Our in house design team can support you with structural steel work design, 3D modelling, FEA analysis and design calculations. Get in touch with the WHS team to learn more.