Jib Cranes

The ideal solution for moving loads in a circular area next to the work position, jib cranes come in four designs; wall jib cranes, column jib cranes, industrial jib cranes and port jib cranes. Working with leading crane manufacturer, GH Cranes & Components, our jib cranes feature an integrated lifting mechanism, typically a chain or wire rope hoist that is either manual or motorised.

Jib cranes are classified according to their design:

  • Wall jib cranes.
  • Column jib cranes.

According to rotation drive:

  • Standard rotation.
  • Electric rotation.

According to their lifting hoist:

  • Chain lifting hoist type.
  • Cable lifting hoist type.

According to hoist trolley movement drive:

  • Push trolley type.
  • Electric trolley type.

According to their rotation range:

  • 108º, 270º, 350º or 360º.

According to control type:

  • Hoist with fixed button panel type.
  • Movable button panel type.
  • Radio controlled type.

Jib crane design and dimensions also depend on the following factors:

  • Type of foundations, for column cranes.
  • Type of fixing, for wall jib cranes: metal, concrete or wall column.
  • Lifting capacity.
  • Boom length.
  • Column height.
  • Hook travel.
  • Location, indoors or outdoors.

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