Oversized Master Link

Item No. MFH13-10

High quality grade 10/grade 100 oversized master link for use with single leg or double leg chain slings.

Price: £212.40 excl. tax


High quality grade 10/grade 100 oversized master link for use with single leg or double leg chain slings.

This range of accessories conform to EN 1677 and are guaranteed by Feat Group’s production and engineering standards. The BG-PRUFZERT H 88 is a guarantee of specific acquired competence.

ELD is a leading global designer and manufacturer of components for industrial lifting. It has a wide range of standard products for chain, wire rope and crane. Feat provides the link with the highest competence in the provision of forged elements of quality and safety.

  • Products are tested and checked according to applicable standards, clients’ requirements and their needs. Control equipment is regularly calibrated. The testing department can carry out all types of control which are non-destructive and inspectorial, in accordance with European or American standards.
  • Feat components are used in extreme applications and as safety elements.
  • Feat are a qualified manufacturer of valve components for the nuclear sector for that last 30 years. Accumulated experience meet French, American and Russian std. A manual regulates the activity in accordance with ASME BPVC.
  • The respect for the environment is strictly linked to quality. That’s why they are adapting their structure to the ISO 14001 regulations, carrying out waste policies and developing systems for recovering the energy that the company produces by means of its own cogeneration plants.
  • Grade 100, alloy steel – to suit grade 100 chain assemblies
  • Red painted finish
  • Meets the WLL performance requirements of EN1677-3
  • Minimum breaking load is 4 x WLL
  • Marked with manufacturers identification, material grade, size and part number
  • Fatigue tested
  • Applied norm EN 1677-3
  • Fatigue tested
  • Conforms to EN 1677-4
  • WLL from 2600kg/2.6t to 14000kg/14t


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