Lifting Chain & Chain Components

Lifting Chain & Chain Components

We stock chain and chain components which are the most durable and sturdy solution for lifting and lashing applications. We supply and stock a wide range of lifting and lashing chain and chain components.

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Sturdy and Long-Lasting Lifting Chains and Their Components

Lifting chains are prerequisite equipment in any industrial setting for handling various heavy loads. At WH Scott & Son Engineers, we are a premium supplier of commercial-grade lifting chains suitable for multiple industrial uses and applications, including construction, automotive, marine use, etc.

Having technical expertise in lifting equipment, we understand the demanding needs of various clients from industries like construction, manufacturing, logistics, etc., for chains and chain components. We strive to bring the best-in-class and robust lifting chains that meet your purpose and are long-lasting, too!

Our Range of Robust Lifting Chains & Its Components

We have a comprehensive selection of lifting chain and chain lift components that are exceptionally durable and sturdy solutions for lifting and lashing applications. Take a look at our collection of lifting and lifting chain components.

  • Towing Chain

Buy robust and durable towing chains for lifting made of alloy steel with a maximum working load limit. It is a safe and secure solution for towing and pulling loads or vehicles out of difficult situations.

  • Elephant Foot

It is one of the best-selling equipment for lashing points. This lashing point resembles elephant feet and is used for securing loads and vehicles like trucks, cars, containers, chassis, ships, and even barges.

  • Grab Hook

Shop for our store’s toughest clevis grabs hook with load and retaining pins. These lifting chains are made of alloy steel and are tested and checked according to applicable standards and quality requirements.

  • Sling Hook

Get our affordable and robust clevis sling hooks fitted straight onto a chain without any connector. These built-in safety latches prevent slipping and add lifting safety while handling heavy loads.

  • Connecting Link

Buy sturdy and flawless connecting links, typically used as coupling links. They are needed in a chain sling between a suspension link or chain and a load hook or chain.

  • Quad Assembly Link

Shop our high-quality lifting gear, mainly applicable for chain sling assemblies. You can use these quad master links with a blue finish for 3-4 leg chain slings.

Why Choose Lifting Chains From WH Scott & Son Engineers?

At WH Scott Son & Engineers, we provide a range of lifting chains and related components that support various lengths and weights of many fittings. If you are seeking high-quality and long-lasting lifting chains for your industrial requirements, look no further than our store!

  • High-grade and quality assured:

You get all chain lift and lifting chain components made of steel alloy or any other sturdiest material. Our toughest and most durable lifting chain components are safe in every way and suitable for extreme applications.

  • Wide range of lifting chain accessories:

We have a vast inventory of lift and lashing chains and relevant components with different configurations, lengths, and special fittings. We strive to become a one-stop provider of all lifting chains, chain slings and components required for load handling in industrial settings.

  • Expert assistance:

If you cannot guess what kind of lifting chain or chain lift components are ideal for your purpose, don’t worry! Our team of technical experts is here to evaluate your needs and advise you on the right lift chain or accessories for your needs.

Shop Chain and Chain Components at WH Scott & Son Engineers!

Looking for superior-quality and safe lifting chains to handle loads in your manufacturing or industrial setting? End your search at WH Scott Son & Engineers!

We stock higher-grade and everlasting lifting chains that are quality-assured, meet industry standards, and have impeccable strength to support your industrial needs. Our lifting chain equipment ensures your workers have peace of mind while handling heavy loads.

What are you waiting for? Shop your desired lifting chain equipment today, or share your requirements with our expert team. We will gladly find the perfect chain equipment or component for your lift operations!