Electric Overhead Travelling Cranes

WHS can offer double girder and single girder electric overhead travelling cranes covering a range from 100kg through to 100t. A robust construction with a high level of standardisation makes our electric overhead travelling cranes very modular and adaptable to any need with highly reliable components and available for a wide range of applications. We can offer complete customisation with all cranes being designed in house by our team of experts.

Our wire rope hoists and crane components come with the latest motor and control technology. We can also provide structural supporting steel from our EN1090 certified workshop. Our in house design team can support you with structural steel work design, 3D modelling, FEA analysis and design calculations.

Portal & Semi-Portal Gantry Cranes

Portal cranes are heavy duty machines used to lift large and heavy objects. We can offer portal cranes with a cab built in for users to operate, or it can have a ground level control panel. They can also have jib cranes fitted to allow the crane to pick up objects from outside of its main working area.

These cranes are highly efficient to work outdoors, achieving high speeds and capacities

Semi-portal cranes are a very practical solution when it is not required to cover the entire width of the workshop. One side of the crane runs on elevated runway, while the runway for the other side is on ground level.

Jib Cranes

We offer a range of standard articulated and overbraced/underbraced jib cranes from 60kg to 10t with spans up to 8m, as well as bespoke jib cranes both designed and manufactured to your exact specifications.

Our range of jib cranes caters for indoor and outdoor use and are suitable for use with a manual or electric hoists, with the option for manual and powered trolley dependent on what would suit your operation best.

In addition to standard jib cranes, which are available with overbraced or cantilever beams, we offer a range of articulated arm jib cranes for use with standard manual or electric hoists from our range.

Automotive Gantry Crane

Built on wheels, the automotive gantry crane allows the movement of loads in all types of industries and applications with autonomy.

With a wide array of generator or diesel power gantries, from 20t to 440t, all cranes are robust, easy-to-use, easily maintained and handled, and extremely useful for sectors in the prefabricated industry, outdoor logistic warehouses (wind energy, prefabricated concrete, boilermaking, rubber tyres, gantry crane RTG, etc.).

Cleanroom Cranes

Working with a market leading supplier, we can offer state-of-the-art equipment for controlled environments. By utilising materials such as stainless steel, UHMW and synthetic lubricants, the cleanroom cranes are capable of operating in a class 10, 100, 1000, or 10000 cleanroom environments.

Essential for those in the semi-conductor, aerospace, pharmaceutical and food industry, clean room cranes enable better control of your production process, more stringent monitoring of quality and the ability to adhere to the strict guidelines and regulations of the sector.

Crane Kits

Crane kits, done with both standardised and special components, allow simple construction of electric overhead travelling cranes, plus gantry and suspended cranes. We can supply the girder project and all the components/ crane accessories, also including electrical equipment. Our system is modular and if you would like your steel contractor to fabricate the bridge, we can give you full fabrication drawings and design calculations as part of supply of a complete crane kit.

The wire rope hoist can be done from 1t to 100t with standard materials, and chain hoist from 100kg to 5000kg.

Our expert team can design your crane kit with full customisation. Full specifications and drawings of all components can be provided at offer stage for approval.

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Powerful, efficient cranes and gantries for seamless lifting

Experience seamless lifting in your industrial setting with WH Scott & Son Engineers’ powerful and efficient cranes and gantries. Our cutting-edge equipment ensures precision and reliability in every lift. Be able to meet the most demanding industrial needs with ease. With a legacy of excellence spanning over 127 years, we deliver top-notch solutions tailored to your requirements.

Get seamless operations and maximise your productivity and safety, whether heavy machinery, delicate materials, or complex structures. We constantly push the boundaries to offer state-of-the-art lifting solutions that exceed your expectations.
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Our range of cranes and gantries

We are your premier destination for top-of-the-line lifting solutions. Explore our bespoke cranes and gantries and stay ahead in an ever-changing industrial landscape. From lifting heavy loads quickly to streamlining logistical operations, we set the standard for excellence in the industry.

Trust us for all your lifting needs, and experience the difference quality makes:

  • Electric Overhead Travelling Cranes:

Revolutionise your lifting experience with our electric overhead travelling cranes. Designed for seamless manoeuvrability and precise control, these cranes are the epitome of reliability and performance.

  • Jib cranes:

Need flexibility in confined spaces? Our jib cranes deliver unparalleled performance. Experience remarkable versatility with our jib cranes, which are perfect for confined spaces and quick material handling tasks.

  • Automotive Gantry Cranes:

Elevate your automotive operations with our automotive crane gantries, engineered to streamline production processes and enhance productivity. With exceptional load-bearing capacity and customisable features, these gantry cranes are the backbone of your operational efficiency.

  • Cleanroom Cranes:

Maintain the utmost cleanliness standards in sensitive environments with our specialised cleanroom cranes. Crafted with precision and adherence to strict hygiene protocols, these cranes ensure contamination-free lifting for critical operations.

  • Crane Kits:

Build your lifting solution with ease using our comprehensive crane kits. Our crane kits feature high-quality components and straightforward assembly instructions that empower you to tailor your lifting equipment to your specifications.

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