General Hardware Tools

General Hardware Tools

We offer a selection of general hardware to accompany all your lifting and handling equipment.

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Robust High-Quality Hardware Tools For Lifting Needs

WH Scott & Son is a genuine provider of general hardware tools, spare parts, and lifting equipment. We offer a unique selection of hardware parts and components to accompany or support your lifting and handling equipment.

Safety is our prime concern, and we ensure complete safety with reliable hardware parts suitable for use in all types of rigging and lifting operations. Buy from our selected collections of hardware tools to help your personnel work securely with absolute peace of mind, whether operating at construction sites, rescue, or industrial settings.

We stock all types of hardware tools from trusted suppliers in the industry and offer them at the most competitive prices. So, shop for the best hardware parts that meet your lifting requirements and budget at our store!

Our Range Of General Hardware Tools

Check out our unique options of general hardware tools sourced from authentic sellers and promise unwavering protection of your personnel no matter their work situations. Take a glance at the tools available at our store!

  • Bow Nuts

Get superior-quality lifting eyes or bow nut hardware at our store. These are for safely handling, lifting, and transporting heavy loads in different work situations.

  • Ferrules

Buy sturdy full-length aluminium ferrules and crimps, which help create eyes and stops on different galvanised steel wire ropes. Connect two power cables or wire ropes safely with these ferrules that come in a tin-plated finish.

  • Copper Ferrules

We offer high-quality copper ferrules used to connect two wire ropes securely. Made of copper, they don’t rust and are suitable for harsh conditions.

  • Identification Tag

Our range of hardware tools and accessories includes identification tags in single-leg and multiple-leg varieties to help you keep track of the lifting equipment, their inspection status, trademark, and other vital information.

  • Wire Rope Lifting Loop

Made using the latest equipment and innovative techniques, a pressed steel wire rope lifting loop is something that you need to add to your collection of lifting hardware tools. These help lift heavy loads and are widely used in machinery, metallurgy, construction, shipping, bridge projects, oil fields, fishing, drilling, etc.

  • Safety Catch

Get assured safety catch kits from our store at an affordable price. Keeping these spare parts will help prevent accidental falls in your lifting machines.

  • Wire Rope Grips

Shop our best-in-class wire rope grips, which have an easy solution for creating eyes with wire ropes. These are ideal for widespread applications, including wire plant construction, rigging, signage, and so on.

Why Choose WH Scott & Son Engineers For Hardware Tools?

At WH Scott & Son Engineers Ltd, you will find a comprehensive range of general hardware tools and height safety equipment, from bow nut hardware to wire rope lifting loops! We are a trusted store for all your prerequisite lifting hardware needs for the following reasons.

  • We offer the best-in-class hardware tools and equipment from industry-leading suppliers.
  • Our hardware parts and components are manufactured to the highest quality standards and endeavour to meet your industrial, construction, or any other needs as efficiently as possible.
  • Our selection of hardware parts is carefully designed to offer maximum durability, comfort, and flexibility during use.
  • We offer continuous customer service support and ensure quick responses to our customers’ queries and issues.