Height Safety Equipment

Height Safety Equipment

Essential for ensuring safety when working in environments where there is a risk of falling, we offer the highest quality of height safety equipment. From safety harnesses and fall arrest blocks, to all types of karabiner and safety lanyard; whatever your need, we have the solution.

Height Safety Equipment: Ensuring Top-Notch Safety At Every Elevation

Assure the safety of your valued labourers working at heights or riskier environments with durable and reliable height safety equipment. Safety harnesses for workers working at great heights with a risk of falling.

At WH Scott & Son, we are a top-rated provider of safety harness gear and equipment to ensure maximum protection whilst working from substantial heights or in potentially freighting situations. Explosive or hazardous work environments pose many safety threats for the workers, including gas ignition from sparks, explosions, fragile roofing, slip-offs from ladders, etc. With our reliable safety harness equipment, ease the work at construction sites, scaffolding, cranes, tanks, window cleaning, bridge constructions, etc., and let your labourers work with peace of mind.

Explore our range of premium-quality full-body safety harnesses and lanyards available in different forms and sizes.

Our Range Of Premium Height Safety Equipment

We offer an exclusive range of height safety equipment, including fall arrest harnesses and lanyards. Our equipment is manufactured with sturdy materials, maintaining the highest standard of quality and keeping in mind the wide range of industrial and construction applications. Take a look at our collections of height safety equipment.

  • Safety Harness and Accessories

You get diverse safety harness gear and accessories essential for working securely without risk of injury or harm. Find anything from full-climbing and deluxe comfort harnesses to rescue harnesses and high-visibility front and rear harnesses for night-time visibility.

We have multiple accessories needed along with body harness for safety, such as comfort leg pads, trauma suspension straps, and parking loops. Use our additional functional accessories to equip your harness for various tasks.

  • Safety Lanyards

Find the best-in-class safety lanyard to securely fix the safety harness to an anchor, fixed structure, or lifelines to ensure maximum safety in any riskier or elevated work environment. Buying our safety lanyards helps you get maximum fall arrest protection, helping the labourers to work freely with both hands.

i) Shock-Absorbing Safety Lanyards

We won’t let you ever compromise on the quality of the crucial link between the harness and anchor point. Our shock-absorbing lanyards are top-notch in build and are the perfect attachment for fall arrest systems. Available in various lengths and sizes with different connectors, they have ideal energy shock-absorbing components, which help limit the force in case of a fall.

ii) Work Restraint Safety Lanyards

Get exceptional quality work-resistant lanyards to fix the worker in restrain or for particular positioning at a height. Our work-resistant lanyards almost eliminate the risk of falling by preventing the workers from accidentally reaching a place where it could happen. Available in various sizes or lengths, these are the crucial equipment you need to ensure safety at height!

iii) Tool Lanyards

Our range of tool lanyards is vital height safety equipment that you require to prevent the risks of dropping tools. With the danger of dropping tools, workers cannot concentrate and may face injuries when tools accidentally fall while working. Choose from our multifaceted lanyard according to your requirements, and let your labourers keep all their working tools handy.

iv) Tool Lanyard Connectors

Our store has exclusive types of tool lanyard connectors, such as ropes. Using these, you can efficiently choke around work tools using a captive handle or waisted tool. You can also order from a range of distinct connectors designed to fix any of your existing tools to the lanyards.

  • Karabiners

At WH Scott & Son, choose from a wide range of superior-quality karabiners meant to offer absolute safety protection to users at risky height jobs. With our karabiners, your users can securely and easily attach two objects or more. Made of sturdier material, many of our karabiners come with screw locks and are ideal for connecting chains, wires, or ropes with a fitting.

Check out our diverse types of karabiners, including varying sizes of screwgate delta links, triple action karabiners with captive pins, step bolt connectors, twist lock karabiners, and many more.

  • Rope and Rope Grabs

You get varieties of tough kernmantle ropes at our store with rope grabs. Our branded restraint ropes have a heat-shrink cover that ensures maximum strength and abrasion resistance, perfect for vertical fall protection. Available in different lengths, these ropes are great for work positioning, rescue work, caving, expeditions, and guide work.

You can also shop for kernmantle rope grab for vertical fall protection for workers while ascending and descending a ladder or a structure. Most of our rope grabs are lightweight, easy to use on safety lines, and have maximum arrest force.

  • Fall Arrest Blocks

Buy quality-assured and reliable fall arrest systems that effectively intercept accidental falls in industrial and construction settings. We provide exclusive and robust blocks of RidgeGear that are safe, well-designed, and ergonomic. You can also find lightweight fall arrest blocks that are a better and more compact choice. Our streamlined and robust blocks are available in multiple sizes so that you can choose the right size according to your working scenario.

  • Anchorage

We are a dedicated provider of devices for proper anchorage for fall arrest, fall restraint lanyards, hardware and rescue equipment. You get multiple anchor devices, from slings to beam trolleys, to offer maximum safety at height. For restraint purposes, you can use our horizontal or vertical lifeline kit in conjunction with work restraint and fall arrest lanyards.

  • Rescue & Confined Spaces

At WH Scott & Son, you can also shop for a vast range of safety solutions to assist workers in delivering their responsibilities in all types of work scenarios, including rescue situations and confined spaces. We

provide different safety solutions manufactured with the most rigid materials and are the best in the industry. You get everything, from rescue kits to rope pulleys and tripod kits.

  • Height Safety Kits

Being a pioneering provider of height and safety equipment in the UK and Ireland, we supply a range of safety kits useful for several operations at height, including rescue. Check out our store’s excellent and durable kits, including the basic kit, scaffolder’s kit, big guy kit, and twin-let scaffolder’s kit.

  • Work Positioning Equipment

You can find several types of steadfast work positioning equipment designed to offer as much safety as possible at heights and all potentially riskier environments. Choose from the work belts and pole straps according to your work situations and safety harness requirements.

Why Choose WH Scott & Son Engineers for Height Safety Equipment?

At WH Scott & Son Engineers Ltd., we have a unique selection of height safety equipment to offer workers maximum protection at heights or dangerous work situations. Our range of equipment includes everything from complete protection harnesses and lanyards to height safety kits and rope accessories.

We are your ultimate destination if you are looking for height-safety equipment.

  • We are a one-stop shop for an extensive range of equipment and accessories to ensure safety in work situations at heights and potentially riskier environments.
  • You get the right kind of reliable and high-quality equipment suitable for your needs and will serve you for a long.
  • Our safety harnesses and lanyards are all inspected before deployment to ensure their safety and efficiency.
  • We strive to offer premium-quality products that meet the market standards and get our products sourced from the few best suppliers in the industry.