Work Positioning

Work Positioning

We offer a range of work positioning equipment that is designed to make working at height and difficult circumstances as safe and easy as possible. We have various work belts and pole straps to choose from.

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Work Positioning Equipment: Belts, Pole Strap and More

At WH Scott Son & Engineers, we are a leading provider of height safety equipment and have exclusive work positioning equipment, including belts, pole straps, and adjustable lanyards. Our selected work positioning belts are available in adjustable lengths and sizes and are suitable for widespread work-at-height applications.

Shop for affordable work positioning equipment from our online store in different setup types! Having an excellent selection of equipment, we provide you with a great choice of flexibility when you seek to purchase your equipment.

Our Range Of Work Positioning Equipment

We offer a range of work positioning equipment designed to make working at heights and in difficult circumstances as safe and easy as possible. Check out our equipment to choose cost-effective belts, straps, and more for your work positioning needs.

  • Restraint Belts

We have sturdier restraint belts by RidgeGear with a single D ring, buckle, and side D rings, which make them ideal for work positioning. The belt can be added to any safety harness, which is quite easy. The belts also have back pads to give lumber support and comfort while hanging several tools from the belt loops.

  • Multi-Purpose Pole Strap

Check out our RidgeGear multi-purpose pole strap crafted explicitly with a controlled release adjuster buckle that’s easy to adjust and safe to operate. It is damage-resistant as it comes with a protection pad with double-layer abrasion. This strap accompanies a sliding loop that maintains the strap level and prevents the possibility of any premature webbing wear.

  • Wire Pole Strap

Get the premium-quality RidgeGear pole strap that works as a multipurpose work positioning device. This work positioning strap equipment is specially designed to be attached to the side D rings of a harness or belt and can even be used separately. Available in variable lengths, this strap can be used for work positioning purposes or restraint purposes.

  • Work Positioning/Adjustable Restraint Lanyard

We bring RidgeGear RGP1 Finch, a well-designed restraint lanyard with multiple uses. It is chiefly applicable for work positioning with both connection points clipped into a structure and side D ring of the work positioning belt. It can also be used as an adjustable restraint lanyard to safeguard workers from falling. Also, there’s a wear sleeve that protects this lanyard from abrasion.

Why Buy Work Positioning Equipment From WH Scott & Son Engineers?

We offer certain varieties of work positioning equipment to ease the working at height experience for personnel in construction, lifting, and other industries. Our belts and restraint equipment come in a selection of styles and varieties, ensuring you get the best equipment for your personnel’s safety.

  • Superior quality:

We offer commercial-grade work positioning belts, lanyards, and pole straps built with the finest quality materials that endure all types of work conditions and ensure that they last longer. We supply products manufactured by the trusted brand RidgeGear, which leaves no question about quality and safety!

  • Exclusive range of products:

Our selected range of work positioning equipment, including fall restraint lanyards and belts, comes in a variety of sizes, styles, and lengths. Whether your personnel are working at a construction site, engaged in lifting operations, or in any other situation demanding working at heights, we have the right set of work positioning tools for them.

  • Professional guidance:

Nothing to worry about if you cannot figure out what kind of work positioning equipment is perfect for your specific working conditions. Our specialised height safety equipment experts will assess your needs and guide you on buying the right equipment in no time.

If you are looking for convenient accessories like work positioning belts or restraint lanyards to enhance your safety while working at height, you are at the right place. Browse through our categories of work positioning equipment and pick the right ones to invest in!