Chain Block

Chain Block

We stock a range of Tiger chain blocks which are robust and reliable and have a variety of features including Quad Cam pawls, “EZ Check” hooks, cross-hauling capabilities and load limiters to ensure that your safety is never compromised.

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Premium High-Quality Chain Blocks

Chain blocks are indispensable equipment used in industries and construction to lift heavy loads to higher levels. As an essential load-lifting tool, safety in the harness of the chains and lifting blocks is a primary concern for accidental risks for construction or factory workers.

We at WH Scott Son & Engineers have premium-quality chain blocks from world-class suppliers suitable for lifting loads of an excellent capacity range from 500 to 100,000 lbs. Available in variations and configurations; we assure you that we will meet your specific industrial needs with reliable, corrosion-resistant, and durable hoist chain blocks.

Our Range Of Chain Blocks Options

We stock a range of Tiger chain blocks, which are robust and reliable and have various features, including Quad Cam pawls, “EZ Check” hooks, cross-hauling capabilities, and load limiters, to ensure that your safety is never compromised.

  • Tiger Chain Block

Get an impressive range of Tiger Chain Block built with the best-quality steel materials for your construction or industrial needs. The sturdier and lightweight chain blocks have a rugged body, which results in extra protection from damage to the impact.

  • Tiger Corrosion Resistant Chain Block

Check out exclusively Tiger Corrosion Resistant Chain Blocks, constructed with the finest steel materials meant to last longer and serve your construction lifting needs for an infinite time. Being corrosion-resistant, they are ideal for use in saltwater and need minimal maintenance or servicing.

  • Tiger Industrial Chain Block

Our range of Tiger industrial chain blocks is exceptionally tough, with a rugged steel body yet lightweight, easy to maintain, and movable. With load capacities ranging between 500kg and 5000kg, these meet the essential industrial standards and have notable brake efficiency, mechanical efficiency, and performance.

  • Tiger Spark Resistant Chain Block

We offer these exclusive hoist chain blocks suitable for use in explosive environments or industrial settings with potential exposure to heat, dust, gas, and flare-ups. We source our exceptional spark-resistant hoist chain and block equipment from the best manufacturers, ensuring it is resistant to all types of extreme atmospheres.

Why Choose WH Scott & Son Engineers For Chain Blocks?

Being a leading supplier of industrial lifting equipment, WH Scott Son & Engineers is the number one choice for factories and constructors. Our top-notch quality chain blocks are the best buy for several reasons.

  • Top-Notch Quality:

All our lifting blocks or hoist chain blocks are of top-notch quality and built with superior-quality materials. All our pulley chains have undergone and passed the most necessary tests and boast of supporting an excellent load capacity.

  • Widespread types of chain blocks:

From low-capacity to high-capacity chain blocks, from corrosion-resistant to spark-resistant lifting blocks, we provide all equipment solutions for every possible industrial or construction scenario.

  • Expert consultation:

Our handpicked experts can provide consultancy services. Depending on the environment setting and load handling, we will suggest the best lifting block solution for your construction or industrial needs.

Order Your Chain Blocks From WH Scott & Son Engineers!

No other supplier is better than WH Scott & Son Engineers for premium-quality, durable, and resistant chain blocks. Our chain hoist block and tackle’s exceptional construction, sturdiness, and durability assure that employees at the construction site or factories are entirely safe from accidental heavyweights falling.

Shop from our extensive range of quality and affordable chain blocks for your needs and provide a stress-free and safe experience for your labourers!