Lifting Clamps

Lifting Clamps

We offer a wide variety of clamps to suit all of your applications. From beam clamps to the BCU universal clamp designed not only for vertical use, but also for side load applications, where conventional clamps are not suitable.

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Versatile Lifting Clamps for Handling Multiple Load Types

Lifting Clamps are prerequisite anchor components needed in the vital lifting equipment. Useful for securing and lifting heavy loads vertically and horizontally, these are vital for ensuring the safety of workers in construction and industrial settings.

At WH Scott Son & Engineers, we are a premier supplier of lifting clamps for various lifting solutions at great prices for your specific needs. Check out our range of products sourced from authentic manufacturers at great prices!

Our Range of Lifting Clamps Options To Suit Your Need

We offer a wide variety of lifting clamps to suit all of your applications. From beam clamps for lifting to the BCU universal clamp designed for vertical use and side load applications, where conventional clamps are unsuitable.

  • Tiger Vertical Drum Clamp

We source the best-in-class Tiger Vertical Drum Clamps that offer versatile anchorage and lifting of drums in the vertical position. Its compact size and lightweight design make it ideal for lifting drums placed tightly on pallets.

  • Tiger Angle Beam Clamp

Get superior quality beam clamps from Tiger from our exclusive collection of lifting clamps. These are the best anchors when used in any overhead steel angle section of the lifting applications.

  • Tiger Beam Clamp

Get beam clamps for lifting made with the finest quality materials manufactured by Tiger. They best serve as a rigging point for hoisting tools with multidirectional screw spindles and offer easy attachment with a secure and robust grip.

  • Tiger Brake Hand Winch

We provide you with the exceptional lifting clamp – Tiger Brake Hand Winch- equipped with a specially designed brake system that operates silently and automatically. Built with a specific solution, it is even corrosion-resistant and ideal for long-term use. Choose no other than our unique brake hand winch if you need an anchoring solution for a quiet environment.

  • Tiger Drum Lifting Clamp

Get the most uniquely designed and sturdy lifting clamps for transporting steel drums conveniently and safely! Each unit we provide is tested and has a certification stating compliance with necessary industrial standards and requirements.

  • Tiger Horizontal Plate Clamp

We offer the most uniquely designed and sturdy horizontal plate clamp, ideally applicable for pairs, sets, pairs, or tripod arrangements for the efficient and safer lifting of steel plates in a horizontal position.

Why Choose WH Scott & Son Engineers for Lifting Clamps?

We take pride in being a pioneering provider of lifting clamps that can lift heavy loads vertically and horizontally—as heavy as 60 tonnes. Our extensive range of clamps makes the best anchor support component for widespread lifting applications in construction and industrial settings.

  • Top-quality

We provide only commercial-grade horizontal and vertical lifting clamps for anchoring in lifting equipment sourced from authorised suppliers.

  • Broad range of clamps

We have a vast inventory of various clamps suitable as anchoring solutions in every possible industrial and construction scenario.

  • Expert guide

Our experts will guide you on the lifting clamps categories, stating which one will best cater to your needs.

Shop Lifting Clamps At WH Scott & Son Engineers!

At WH Scott Sons & Engineers, we get an excellent range of lifting clamps that fit almost all lifting jobs. Choose from our versatile collection of standard vertical clamps, beam lifting, and drum lifting clamps.

Our quality products are tough in construction and easy to maintain, ensuring safe performance and longer operational life. Contact us today to buy our remarkable quality lifting clamps at budget-friendly prices!