Lever Hoist

Lever Hoist

We stock a range of Tiger lever hoists for all your hoisting needs, Tiger lever hoists are renowned as some of the best in the industry and are the equipment of choice for many quality and safety driven organisations.

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Durable and Reliable Lever Hoists for Heavy Duty Lifting

At WH Scott Sons & Engineers, we source and supply a wide variety of lifting equipment, including functional lever hoists, which are helpful for lifting loads of all capacities. Built with excellent quality materials, our lifting lever hoists are resistant, ensure efficient loading, and last longer.

Check our range of lifting hoists to find the right one for your specific lifting jobs, heavy materials, and the lifting machinery you use at your site.

Our Range Of Lever Hoists For All Lifting Needs

We stock a range of Tiger lever hoists for all your hoisting needs. Tiger lever hoists are renowned as some of the best in the industry and are the equipment of choice for many quality and safety-driven organisations.

·Tiger Industrial Lever Hoist

We have a lever hoist with a lightweight and rugged body construction that is extremely durable due to the use of pressed steel in its handle, brake cover, and gear case. This range of hoist levers by Tiger is resistant to high-impact damage.

  • Tiger Professional Lever Hoist

There’s nothing like the professional hoist levers built by Tiger that have remarkable safety features, including the innovative, intelligent dual brake system and their patent Quad Cam Pawl System. Each of these products meets the industrial standards and requirements and does not compromise the safety of the employees using the lifting equipment.

  • Tiger Spark Resistant Lever Hoist

If you need a unique lever hoist as an anchoring solution in your explosive construction environment, choose Tiger Spark Resistant Lever Hoist. Made with sturdy and quality materials, it is resistant to flare-ups, heat, gas, or dust and helps you lift heavy loads efficiently without compromising safety!

  • Tiger Mini Series Lever Hoist

We have another variety of lever hoists by Tiger with rugged body construction that is also lightweight and easy to move. Its advantages, like 360-degree rotation available, safe twin pawl mechanical brake, and single-hand “freewheeling” operation, make this lifting hoist an ideal anchoring solution.

  • Tiger Subsea Lever Hoist

We have the unique Tiger lever hoist, which is of superior construction and has been designed and engineered for lifting applications in subsea or offshores over the years. It has exceptional safety arrangements, making it suitable for marine and corrosion applications.

Why Choose WH Scott & Son Engineers for Your Lever Hoist?

We are a reputed and reliable supplier of lever hoists and all varieties of lifting equipment, promising quality, resistant products that stand the test of time.

Look no further than WH Scott Son & Engineers for any type of premium quality ratchet lever hoist.

  • Trusted suppliers

We source all our products from Tiger – the most renowned brand supplier of lifting hoist equipment and parts.

  • Safety of equipment

We prioritise the safety of the labourers who use our lifting equipment and supply the lever chain hoists that have undergone and passed rigorous tests.

  • Unparalleled experience

Our handpicked engineers have hands-on experience and knowledge of all types of lifting equipment and will guide you in choosing the best lever hoist for your specific needs.

Buy A Quality and Durable Lever Hoist from WH Scott & Son Engineers!

To get the best lifting hoists or pulley hoists, check out our range of products, which guarantee the safety of workers during all types of lifting jobs. We take pride in being the most reliable supplier of all types of anchoring components and lifting equipment of superior quality that complies with the latest certifications and industry standards.

Explore our lever hoists to choose the ideal solution for your construction lifting or industrial lifting job.