We stock a wide range of trolleys, our selection includes plain/push, geared, corrosion resistant and spark resistant trolleys.

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Beam Trolley for Efficient Lifting and Movement

Beam trolleys are the most reliable equipment for suspending a hoist in warehouses, garages, or construction sites. They are vital equipment that allows the hoists to navigate the beam crisscross or in whatever direction is needed while ensuring the safety of the workers.

At WH Scott Son & Engineers, we provide the best-in-class beam trolley for light-duty and heavy-duty applications in various industrial operations or construction environments. Explore our range of superior and versatile beam trolleys for lifting!

Our Versatile Range Of Beam Trolleys

We stock a wide range of trolleys, including plain/push, geared, corrosion-resistant, and spark-resistant trolleys.

  • Tiger Geared Trolley

Get our range of superior-quality geared beam trolleys by Tiger, built with an exceptional anti-droplet plate design that protects the wheel from damage or corrosion and provides additional safety.

  • Tiger Plain/Push Trolley

We have twin-bar or single-bar trolleys in our collection of geared beam trolleys. If needed, they come with a beam-locking device and are available in both corrosion-resistant and spark-resistant categories for application in multiple environments.

  • Tiger Screw Bar Plain/Push Trolley

Find the most impressive type of Tiger screw bar geared trolley, a unique industrial beam trolley that is complemented with a hand chain length, suiting your specific requirements.

  • Tiger Spark Resistant Geared Trolley

We provide you with lifting beam trolleys that are sturdier due to rugged construction and premium-quality materials. They effectively resist all types of explosive environments where gases, dust, or flare-ups are produced and last longer!

  • Tiger Adjustable Geared Beam Trolley

Find the highest-quality, heavy-duty trolley for lifting that is easily adjustable. You can suspend the load or any lifting machine and safely move it throughout the length of the beam.

Why Choose Us For Your Beam Trolley?

We source the most authentic types of lifting trolleys from the Tiger brand, which are exclusively designed for widespread heavy-duty applications in diverse environments. From standard lifting trolleys to adjustable geared beam trolleys, we have everything!

Here’s what makes us the best supplier of beam trolleys.

  • Top-notch quality:

We source and supply an exceptional range of trolleys of premium quality from the most reputed brands in the lifting equipment industry.

  • Wide categories:

You get a wide range of standard and industrial beam trolleys suitable for all uses that will help your employees streamline their operations and efficiency.

  • Expert consultation:

Our team of expert engineers will also help you decide on the correct type of beam trolley suitable for your specific needs.

Order Your Beam Trolley From WH Scott & Son Engineers

We understand the significance of having efficient and safe beam trolleys for traversing the beams in whatever directions are needed. Our quality products are the best addition to your lifting equipment and will keep your load safe while reducing the chances of worker accidents and injuries. Explore our lifting trolleys to place an order!