Wire Rope Pulling Machines

Wire Rope Pulling Machines

The manual wire rope puller is a hand operated lifting and pulling device. The puller can also be used for lowering, tensioning and guying which makes it a versatile, portable and multipurpose tool. Available with steel or aluminium casings.

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Wire Rope Cable Puller for Easy Pulling, Lifting, and Tensioning

We provide the most authentic cable pullers with sturdy body construction and efficient functioning. Cable pullers are specific mechanical equipment necessary for pulling, moving, and gripping a load.

At WH Scott Son & Engineers, we have a wide range of cable-pulling machines that are suitable for various lifting jobs and ensure the complete safety of the personnel using them. We are undeniably the best supplier for all your cable-pulling machines for your requirements!

Our Range Of Rope Cable Pulling Machine

The manual wire rope puller is a hand-operated lifting and pulling device. The puller can also be used for lowering, tensioning and guying, which makes it a portable and multipurpose tool. Available with steel or aluminium casings, these are a valuable and efficient addition to your construction or industrial site.

  • Tiger Wire Rope Pulling Machine – Steel Casing

We supply Tiger’s best-in-class collection of wire rope pulling machines with steel casing and the capacity to handle a weight range between 800kg and 3200kg. This steel wire rope puller is easy to operate by hand and can also be used for lowering, tightening, and guiding the load effortlessly.

  • Tiger Wire Rope Pulling Machine – Aluminium Casing

Gets commercial-grade wire rope pulling machines from Tiger with sturdy aluminium cases, ideally suitable for long-term use in all environments. These also have an excellent weight capacity between 800kg and 3200kg and come as versatile and transportable wire rope puller tools that are easy to use and efficient in lifting operations.

Why Choose Us For Rope Cable Pullers?

Wire rope cable puller is a practical option for a winch that supports a wide range of duties while ensuring safe lifting and efficient pulling and tensioning of load. We have the most superior-quality and functional cable pullers in the economy range to cater to all potential use cases.

  • Avant-garde products:

We have the most premium-grade rope cable pullers by the top-rated manufacturer equipped with the necessary features to ensure effective manoeuvring of the loads.

  • Wide range of pullers:

There is a wide range of wire rope pulling lifting machines capable of handling an extensive load range.

  • Professional guide:

We have genuine experts who can provide you with complete guidance on the use and operation of cable pullers for your lifting jobs.

Buy Wire Rope Cable Pulling Machine From WH Scott & Son Engineers!

Get a versatile, industrial wire rope-pulling machine of unwavering quality from our store. We source all our cable pullers from authorised dealers to ensure the safety of the users during lifting jobs.

Buy our avant-garde wire rope puller tool to achieve efficiency in lifting operations while safeguarding your personnel.