Proximity Warning Systems

Proximity Warning Systems


A Relevant Warning For Machinery Operators To Ensure Pedestrian Safety

The original Blaxtair is one of a kind, the only smart camera that is able to distinguish between a person and an obstacle in real time and proceed to alert the operator to avoid danger. 

When this is combined with effective organisation and best practices, this innovative, reliable and efficient device, made up of a stereoscopic camera, a calculator and an LCD screen, works together to solve the issue of the safety parameters that are imposed upon companies that are working in industry, materials handling, recycling, infrastructure construction and quarries or mining.

The Technology: Recognition Of People Using Image Processing

Using it’s sensors the Blaxtair is continuously scanning the blind areas that exist around the machine and reconstructing the environment in 3D. To identify the nature of the obstacles it scans the Blaxtair makes use of video recognition algorithms used in video games by the French Atomic Energy Commission.

When a person is detected within these blind spots, depending on the imminent risk the driver will be  alerted by the Blaxtair by receiving a visual and sound signal. A control screen that is placed within the cabin allows the driver to judge how critical in nature the situation is.

Case Study: Industry

The Blaxtair is very useful within industrial storage sites, as forklift trucks often are operating around pedestrians which leads to increased risk of accidents and collisions occurring from the narrow width of the aisles. This situation relies on the operator’s manoeuvres to be quick and accurate, while remaining alert to any movement and pedestrians that may be nearby. Within these areas of co-activity, the Blaxtair will instantly signal the presence of any people in the machine’s path. This allows any workers that are on foot to remain safe and allows the driver to concentrate on their job without worrying, increasing their productivity.

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​Blaxtair Connect

Where And When Will The Next Accident On Your Site Be Prevented, As A Result Of Specifying Blaxtair Connect ?

How To Reduce The Vehicle/Pedestrian Co-Activity Of Your Site By Two Thirds ? *

Another Blaxtair product that contributes to reaching the zero accident target many businesses have in place is Blaxtair Connect, which aids business by identifying the locations and times of day on their sites where the risk of accidents between people and vehicles is at its highest. Blaxtair connect works by measuring the effectiveness of the preventive actions implemented, working to avoid all collisions between vehicles and pedestrians. All the data that is collected is made available to you through an online portal, enabling the continuous monitoring of all relevant indicators.

As a proactive accident prevention tool Blaxtair Connect :

  • Measures the effectiveness of the preventive actions being implemented, on organisation and behaviours
  • Measures the level/rate of co-activity between people and machinery, by vehicle and by location
  • Identifies the areas of the highest rates of co-activity, together with critical time of day information
  • Actively forecasts the locations and times of day, where the risk of accidents is highest on site
  • Geolocalisation of detections, with mapping of areas of high co-activity, between vehicles and pedestrians (‘hot spots’)
  • Keeps an inventory of near misses – that are time stamped and localised
  • Provides detection statistics
  • Allows you to set up alerts to your managers, if any of the defined thresholds are exceeded 
  • Allows you to view and manage your entire fleet of vehicles that are fitted with Blaxtair Connect – in any global location
  • Upstream mitigation of the risk of pedestrian and/or obstacle collisions and dangerous behaviour

A fleet management and optimisation tool :

  • Control of the Blaxtair fleet: location, remote maintenance
  • Data related to the operating life of the vehicles on site can help to quantify their profitability and potentially optimise their utilisation

Download the manual below:

Blaxtair Connect User Manual

Blaxtair View

High-Resolution Vision In All Circumstances

For all professional vehicles working in difficult environments the BlaxtairView is an essential product for you, it’s a robust and efficient backup camera that is compatible with the original Blaxtair system and works to combine images from one to four cameras to the cabins one single control screen to offer high-resolution colour images for optimal visibility in blind areas.

As it’s designed for all kinds of professional machinery, the BlaxtairView wide field of view camera can be fitted to :

  • Trucks, vans
  • All sorts of work site vehicles: dumpsters, feeders, forklifts, excavators, graders, compactors…
  • Agricultural machinery: tractors, harvesters…
  • Industrial vehicles: heavy goods, buses, etc.


The embedded BlaxtairView camera uses IR-Cut technology: infrared LEDs are activated when visibility is limited and the sensor switches into night vision. During low temperatures, a heating device ensures that the camera can still work efficiently. A microphone conveys the soundscape from outside the vehicle into the cabin.

Case Study

An example of the BlaxtairView at work: On a front-loading forklift, the driver will be prevented from moving forward if the load on the forks blocks the forward view. This prevents any collisions that may have occurred with objects or with people, automatically forcing the operator to move backwards whenever their forward vision is limited or disturbed. But this presents two drawbacks: there may not always be space to allow this kind of manoeuvring to take place and it also forces the driver to make a series of turns and twists so many times during the day that it may cause musculo-skeletal disorders. 

By installing a BlaxtairView camera to the fixed part at the top of the mast instead it gives the driver full visibility over the front of the load, this makes it possible to move forward safely instead of having to move backwards. Productivity and safety at the site is improved while the number of occupational health issues are widely reduced. The driver is also presented with the added advantages that the cameras infrared lighting and automatic heating provide when working outside at night.

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Increasing the safety of workers in all working environments has been an important goal for Blaxtair since 2011.

No matter what industry you’re working in, whether it’s recycling, industry, logistics, public works, mines, tunnels or urban cleanup, there are always risks to people every day when they work around machinery. And for every accident that happens, businesses lose money.

With the help of the Blaxtair detection systems they work to make machines more autonomous and driving safer. These products work to improve the relationship between men and machines, working to prevent accidents daily and save money.

  • They are the pioneer of embedded AI and 3D Vision
  • An industrial market leader in pedestrian detection
  • 1st factory-fitted pedestrian detection system
  • > 2000 industrial sites equipped with the Blaxtair anti-collision system
  • With 12,000+ Blaxtair installed in 50+ countries
  • And over 12,000 Blaxtair units in +50 countries in 2022

Blaxtair is the most efficient collision avoidance solution available on the largest installed base of industrial vehicles on the market and WH Scott & Son is a proud distributor for the UK and Ireland.

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