RCI Safety Systems

RCI Safety Systems

XW1 - height control

The XW1 manages and protects your working height. Using the latest compact stainless steel solid state 3 axis accelerometer with gyro compensation sensors, in combination with the latest the latest in screen hardware, the XW1 provides an effective height detection system.

Suitable for excavators, truck mounted cranes, flails and mowers.

Click here to download the full XW1 information sheet.

XW2 - height and RCI control

The XW2 monitors both height, radius and load on heavy machinery allowing operators to work at the maximum lifting capacity whilst remaining within the machine’s safe working load.

Operation is fail safe and fully automatic with function selection never more that two key presses away.

Click here to download the full XW2 information sheet.

XW3- slew control

The XW3 is a dedicated slew control system designed to restrict the machine to working within set left and right slew parameters.

Angular slew is referenced from the centre point of the machine to give a “V” shaped basic left and right control in front of the operator, allowing for working within set limits. Lateral slew is referenced around both sides of the machine creating a virtual wall to either side, allowing more flexibility for working within the lateral side limits.

Click here to download the full XW3 information sheet.

XW4 - height and slew control

The XW4 monitors a heavy machinery’s height and slew movement. It has been designed to accurately restrict using feather touch proportional hydraulic control a machines height and left/right slew parameters ensuring operator and machine safety, safe/comfortable for the operator and the environment around the machine.

Click here to download the full XW4 information sheet.

XW5 - slew, height, and RCI control

The XW5 offers a total safe working envelope around the machine and operator enabling the control of the machine’s height, slew and rated capacity indication. This comprehensive system covers every eventually when considering both operator and machine safety, offering complete piece of mind.

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XWTele & XWFork Series

XWTele and XWFork are part of a suite of safety products from Xwatch that have been designed to couple clarity and simplicity with accuracy and reliability while complying with all the current industry standards. XWTele is specifically designed for telehandlers, XWFork for industrial and rough terrain fork lift trucks. Height limitation can be controlled using outputs for boom up and tele extend on telehandlers, or forks up on fork lift trucks.

Click here to download the full XWTele & XWFork information sheet.

SS1 - height limitation

A no-nonsense angular motion limiter that can be used on a variety of hydraulic plant machinery to provide basic height limitation where the sophistication of the XW series is not required. Operation is simple and fool-proof and the control key can be removed to provide permanent limitation if required.

Click here to download the full SS1 information sheet.

XW4 LMC - height and slew control

Coupled with clarity and simplicity with accuracy and reliability, while complying with all of the current industry standards, the XW4 LMC has been designed specifically to work on lorry mounted cranes. The height and slew limitation is controlled using custom built high pressure manifold with solenoid valves providing accurate and repeatable results.

RCI Lite

The RCI Lite provides overload protection with optional motion control to prevent unsafe operation, allowing the machine to be used to its full capacity. An economical solution for civil lifting activities, the RCI Lite can be configured to work on any type of hydraulic excavator.

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Revolutionising the safety market, Xwatch has developed a series of products that meet the growing demands of site safety and data management, with WH Scott & Son a proud distributor for Ireland.

Setting and creating a safety barrier for your site equipment, whether its height, safety, or RCI control, the innovative ‘feather touch’ proportional hydraulic will produce a safe and comfortable working environment for your operator and is less demanding on your machinery – unlike other market providers.

Check out the Xwatch products below – for more information, or to place your order, click here to get in touch.