Shackles for Lifting

Shackles for Lifting

We stock a range of high quality shackles for all your lifting and rigging needs, these shackles act as the primary connecting link in all manner or rigging systems, from boats and ships to industrial crane rigging, as they allow different rigging subsets to be connected or disconnected quickly.

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Top-Quality Lifting Shackles

Shackles are a primary mechanical component required for lifting, securing, and rigging heavyweights in manufacturing, logistics, and construction. While they work as the main link in a sling system or a connection chain, you need to get the best-quality lifting shackles to ensure the health and safety of your workers on site.

At WH Scott & Son Engineers Ltd, we have a range of premium-quality and sturdy shackles that are appropriate for use as a chief connecting link in numerous lifting and crane rigging systems. Whether you need them for lifting operations in ships, boats, industrial manufacturing, or transportation, rely on our robust shackles for unbeatable quality.

Premium-Quality Lifting Shackles For Ultimate Safety!

At WH Scott & Son, we aim to supply a wide range of lifting shackles, including bow shackles, D shackles, screw pins, safety pins, and lots more.

Our shackles for lifting meet the highest standards of quality and support extensive weights. Naturally, each type of shackle available at our store is intrinsically sturdy and provides an impeccable, strong connection between the load-lifting device and payload.

Shop from our range of lifting shackles in different shapes and sizes, suiting your special connection requirements! Regardless of the type of shackle you need, we assure you that we provide you with the best for lifting and rigging.

Our Exclusive Range Of Shackles For Lifting

We offer a range of shackles for the lifting equipment necessary for cargo lifting, transportation, and other industrial uses. Use them at the connection point with the lifting equipment, such as wire rope, slings, and webbing, to get the most robust grip while handling heavy loads.

Choose from our extensive categories of shackles for varying commercial and industrial uses.

  • D-Shackles

We have the most durable variety of D shackles, also referred to as Dee shackles, for use in single-leg slings. These shackles resemble the shape of D or the chain loop, suitable for lifting moderate to heavy weights in a line. Best for lifting side loads smoothly, you can use these for multiple industrial or cargo purposes involving vertical or straight lifts.

Depending on your load requirements, choose from our store’s stainless D shackles, galvanized, or stainless steel shackles.

  • Bow Shackles

Manufactured in an ‘O’ shape or bow shape, these shackles for lifting are mainly applied on multi-leg slings! These rounded shackles help carry and transfer loads at different angles or directions without requiring any side load.

Buy our high-quality bow shackles that are befitting for numerous industrial uses involving rigging, as they are used for fastening chains or straps seamlessly. Our bow shackles are made of superior-quality materials supporting a variety of weight limits.

Why Buy Lifting Shackles From WH Scott & Son Engineers?

At WH Scott & Son, we are committed to providing businesses with reliable and rugged lifting equipment, including lifting shackles.

Here’s what makes us the top-tier seller of lifting equipment in the UK and Ireland.

  • Quality assurance: All our shackles for lifting are manufactured with expertise and proven to have unmatched lifting and rigging capabilities.
  • Safety and trustworthiness: We house qualified lifting specialists with years of experience in the field. They assure work safety for every category of equipment used for lifting, rigging, securing, and heavy load handling.
  • Industry leader: Operating since 1897, we are the market leader in lifting equipment and parts and stock our lifting shackles from leading suppliers.
  • Faster delivery: No matter what kind of shackles you need, our delivery team will get your chosen items dispatched and delivered to you at the right time.