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Stainless Steel Products

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Get Premium Quality Stainless-Steel Products

We, at WH Scott & Son Engineers Ltd., offer a range of stainless steel products  that you need with your lifting equipment and accessories. We have everything from swivel shackles to swivel rings that you may be looking for to accompany your lifting and safety equipment.

Being one of the pioneered shops for lifting equipment in the UK, we seek to maintain quality in everything we produce including stainless steel parts. Take a look at our extensive collection of products meant to support quintessential lifting equipment in manufacturing, construction, and other industrial settings.

Our Exclusive Range of Stainless Steel Products

We manufacture most parts of the lifting equipment with engineering steel for its unmatched durability and exceptional build that assures complete safety during use. Shop some elementary stainless steel products for industrial use at an affordable price range from our store.

  • Stainless Steel Double Swivel Ring

Get a premium-quality stainless steel double swivel ring from CODIPRO to be used in various industrial settings for lifting functions. Made with superior quality steel, it is intrinsically stronger, resistant, and helps your operators work without danger.

  • Stainless Steel Double Swivel Shackle

Made of the highest-quality stainless steel, this double swivel shackle provides the best articulation and rotation in blocks and different rigging systems. Use them in industrial and sailing applications for anchoring while assuring maximum safety of your workers.

  • Stainless Steel Female Double Swivel Ring

Use this superior-built female double swivel ring made by CODIPRO. This is one of our finest stainless steel products specifically designed to support rotations under heavy load and ensures perfect alignment with the sling.

  • Stainless Steel Female Double Swivel Shackle

Shop for a sturdier stainless steel double swivel shackle made of stainless steel with the female end which assures smooth lifting and turning of heavy weights. Its double articulation lets the shackle to line up perfectly with the sling leading to a stronger connection every time.

  • Stainless Steel Swivel Eye Bolt

Get this swivel eye bolt to build the strongest lifting point in industrial or commercial settings where basic means of anchoring cannot be applied. Use this durable quality stainless steel product for angular fitting since the bolt can rotate by itself.

Why Shop Stainless-Steel Products at WH Scott & Son Engineers?

Looking forward to buying products of steel for handling and lifting equipment for construction, manufacturing, and any other industrial purposes? Look no further than WH Scott & Son Engineers because we are a one-stop shop for a wide range of lifting equipment!

  • We are market leaders in the engineering and supply of lifting equipment and handling solutions to be used in height lifting, rigging, and material handling.
  • You will find a large stock of stainless steel products and components for lifting and rigging applications at highly competitive prices.
  • We stock every product and component from leading brands like CODIPRO that assures resolute quality along with safety of use.
  • WH Scott & Son Engineers is a highly trusted name in the lifting equipment industry for its unwavering commitment to quality, safety inspection, associated repair and maintenance services, and faster delivery of products.