Crane Services

At WH Scott Lifting, we are committed to providing professional crane services ensuring the safety and efficiency of our customer’s operations. We also specialise in delivering top-notch repair and maintenance services for all types of industrial cranes and hoists.Our crane preventive maintenance services are essential for keeping your equipment in perfect health. Regular inspections of your equipment’s health offer optimum safety and ensure efficiency in its operations.

Having a team of seasoned crane experts and service providers, we uphold a unique maintenance strategy, preventing a breakdown during operations. With our preventive crane maintenance program, we keep wearing the major components to the minimum. It averts the overall crane damage and drives improvement in its safety and productivity.

Our Crane Service Offerings

WH Scott Lifting is home to highly qualified technicians providing bespoke global crane services to meet your business needs. Our crane repair and maintenance services ensure an increase in your efficiency and productivity level and prevent any breakdown during operational hours.

Our crane service offerings include the following:

• Preventive crane maintenance services
• Routine testing and inspection services
• Supplying & installation of new crane solutions
• Modernising and repairing the crane
• Providing spare crane parts

Why routine inspection and on-time crane maintenance is necessary?

Routine testing and professional crane inspections by our expert team ensures the efficacy of your equipment. Whether the crane is regularly used or not, frequent inspection keeps its performance in check. It also ensures that the crane is ready to be used as and when necessary.

On-time industrial crane services, maintenance, including crane repair and crane refurbishment, are also necessary to improve the safety and productivity of your equipment, making it good to use when required.

Why Choose WH Scott & Son Engineers for Your Crane Service Needs?

Through our global crane services, we satisfy your local requirements by providing you with the most professional range of services. We ensure offering optimum safety of your equipment, demonstrating an exceptional level of quality and commitment.

We also provide you with the spare parts for the crane and hoists. From a single piece of equipment to offering excellent services for the entire operation, we are right there for you.

• All crane manufacturers are covered under our global crane services
• We maintain an excellent and unmatchable stock of spare parts
• Our team conducts NDT and in-depth equipment surveys
• We are available to attend your calls and answer your queries 24/365
• Our team consists of trained engineers and technical specialists from across the UK & Ireland
• We keep track of your equipment, asset management, certification and maintenance needs through a portal.

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