Design & Fabrication

Structural steel fabrication for lifting equipment is one of the most demanding and complex jobs involving welding and fabrication of steel into materials for industrial uses. Meet the revolutionary leader in steel fabrication and designing in the UK and Ireland- WH Scott & Son Engineers! Our team of innovators, welders, and engineers use their extensive knowledge in steel fabrication to turn structural steel into materials useful for all construction and industrial applications. 

Take advantage of the unmatched capabilities of our qualified structural steel fabricators to meet your unique design-build requirements. We turn structural steel into feasible materials with high-end strength and reliability convenient for industrial or building manufacturing. Our fabricated materials are made befitting for your purpose and do not need any alterations later. 

Precision Design and Robust Structural Steel Fabrication

As a pioneer in design and structural steel fabrication, we aim to meet the multifaceted demands of clients, whether for commercial, industrial, or public structures. 

With extensive knowledge and specialisation in the field, we ensure the successful fabrication and delivery of various lifting structures with a maximum weight of up to 100 tonnes on time. Our welders and structural steel fabricators are trained at coded specifications and have experience in NDT testing by dye pen, MPI, radiography and ultrasonic inspection.

In terms of lifting solutions, we are capable of manufacturing:

  • Hand railings
  • Barriers, gates and kicker plates
  • Safety covers for sumps
  • Open mesh and chequer plate flooring
  • Access ladders
  • Staircases
  • Platforms
  • Lifting gantries (thoroughly tested)
  • Heavy structures
  • Test weights

We design, manufacture, weld, fabricate and install structural steel works with CE marking approval up to EXC4. No matter how complex or challenging your project needs, turn to our excellent team to get customised design-builds quickly. 

Our team of experienced steel fabricators have the necessary skill sets and resources to do the following types of work:

  • Primary structural steelwork
  • Welded engineering assemblies
  • Secondary metalwork
  • Water processing structures
  • Cranes, bridges, walkways and support structures

Our Advanced Design and Structural Steel Fabrication Services

We offer our steelwork fabrication services across the UK and Ireland using state-of-the-art CNC cutting, milling, and drilling machinery. Together with our innovative welding facilities and extensive workmanship, we complete large-scale fabrication projects within the specified time. 

Our structural steel fabrication services comprise the following:

  • Turnkey Steel Fabrication Projects

We offer exclusive fabrication services catering to the supply needs of businesses for turnkey projects. Our services assisted numerous companies with the fabrication services required in the project. The fabrication projects we have completed till today are in the water and renewable power generation industries, rail, processing, electrical, manufacturing, and materials handling sectors.  

  • Design Calculations, FEA and Third-Party Verification

At WH Scott & Son Engineers, you get design and consultancy services for fabricating various lifting structures and equipment. Our consultation services include full-design approximations, critical element analysis, and stress analysis. We provide a dedicated project manager, so you can contact us anytime and learn about your project’s seamless design and delivery process.

  • Standards, Safety and Traceability

We have CE marking approval, which shows that we adhere to the relevant manufacturing standards. It demonstrates our competency to manufacture and handle all design and structural steel fabrication works. We offer premium-quality fabrication services with complete safety compliance and component traceability. You can know everything, from the initial sourcing of components from trusted suppliers to various production stages and finished fabrication. 

Why Choose WH Scott & Son for Your Steel Fabrication Needs?

WH Scott & Son Engineers, Lifting Equipment supplies in Ireland & UK has decades of experience in design and structural steel fabrication and has assisted multiple businesses across industries in a broad range of steel works. Know what makes us the best in the field. 

  • A Talented Team of Fabricators

We house an exceptional team of structural steel fabricators, highly qualified to ensure flawless construction and installation of your design-build. Our dedicated project managers will update you on the stages of fabrication and ensure the final product is up to the mark and is what you need. 

  • One-Stop Solution

With our skilled welders and structural steelwork fabricators, we offer turnkey solutions for projects, including bespoke automotive and rail structures, bridges, staircases, and high-rise constructions. You get a one-stop solution for all your needs. 

  • Proven Track Record

Our strict adherence to quality and continuous urge for innovation helped us achieve a name in the industry as top-notch structural steel fabricators. We provide all our customers with a quality benchmark for every fabricated product.

Ready to Forge Your Steel Legacy?

If you need cost-effective and lightweight material in your manufacturing or construction work, look no further than WH Scott & Son Engineers for structural steel fabrication services. 

With great expertise, our fabricators turn structural steel into perfect materials suitable for any industrial application. We deliver quality and economical materials with greater structural integrity and malleability, making them appropriate for custom projects.  

Reach out to our team today to get the finest steelwork fabrication done with utmost care and precision!