Examination & Certification

Examination & Certification

We’ve developed an online inspection and certification system, which currently manages over 400,000 inspections annually for our clients across the construction, utility, transport and manufacturing sectors.

The benefits include:

  • Instant generation of certificates once an engineer completes the inspection via a 4G-enabled tablet
  • Option to automatically receive certificates to a single email or specified email per location as the inspections are completed
  • Images taken of all failures/observations and made available for viewing online by the simple click of a button
  • Access to an easy-to-navigate online dashboard to view images and download certificates
  • Dashboard and login can be customised to view only assets in a specific location or region. Custom reporting feature includes export to Excel, PDF and/or CSV

All engineers use 4g-enabled tablets for inspections

  • Prevents the need for excess administration
  • Increased compliance as it saves the double handling of data
  • Images can be uploaded against each inspection
  • Reports made instantly available online once the engineer completes the inspection
  • Automated emailing of reports
  • Allows inspectors to add task-specific RAMS to an inspection, which are made available as online records

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