Load Testing

Our field engineers can plan and conduct load tests on various types of equipment at your site.

Load testing is a process that involves applying load to a structure or lifting equipment. It helps determine the load-bearing capacity of a structure or equipment. Testing the efficacy of heavy-lifting equipment is of utmost importance because it helps determine the load-bearing capacity of the lifting equipment.

Proof load testing is an effective measure in preventing accidents in the workplace, it helps to ensure that the lifting equipment is working within its maximum potency. It is essential to have the equipment thoroughly tested by professionals to maintain a good working condition and meet safety standards. It helps ensure that critical equipment is safe to use and operate. The test also instils a sense of confidence among the workers that they are working in a safe and secure environment.

Using fixed or water weights and calibrated load cells, we’ll design a load testing procedure to suit your specific requirements, supported by a full risk assessment and method statement. Note: after a load test, there will often be a requirement for some form of non-destructive testing.

Other testing available is eyebolt & lifting ring testing and inspection, dye penetrant inspection and magnetic particle inspection. If more in-depth/theoretical testing is required, we can offer full finite element analysis (FEA).

  • Fixed weight load testing
  • Water weight load testing
  • COG mapping/calculations
  • NDT
  • Testing of ship lashing points
  • Tensile load testing (in house test beds)

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