Load Testing

While load-bearing equipment is a critical part of manufacturing operations, WH Scott & Son Engineers will help you ensure that your load-bearing equipment is in top-notch condition and meets the necessary safety regulations.

Our team of expert engineer surveyors will do the necessary load testing lifting inspection to ascertain that your equipment meets compliance and is fit for certification. Our qualified surveyors have gathered extensive experience in load testing of lifting equipment, structures, and components. We are proven experts in testing the heavy-lifting equipment’s tensile strength and compression capacity to determine its efficiency and safety.

Contact our qualified team for proof load testing services at your manufacturing or construction site to prevent accidental hazards. With critical evaluation and testing, we ensure your equipment is working at its maximum potential and let your workers confidently deliver their duties.

Our Professional Load Testing Services

Load testing is an elementary process in manufacturing, construction, logistics and storage, heavy machinery handling, and other similar industrial activities. The lifting equipment or structures carry loads of various capacities to test their efficacy and appropriate load-bearing capacity.

Usually, we use fixed or water weights for load testing along with calibrated load cells and have a well-planned procedure for the testing. Based on your specific equipment and operations, we design the load testing procedure with a full risk assessment.

We also offer non-destructive testing, which may be necessary after a general load test.
Our structural load test for lifting equipment comprise:

  • Fixed weight load testing
  • Waterweight load testing
  • COG (Center of Gravity) mapping/calculations
  • Non-destructive testing (NDT)
  • Testing of ship lashing points
  • Tensile load testing (in-house test beds)

Why Load Testing Services is Vital?

Proof load testing is a preventive measure required to avoid accidents in the manufacturing and construction sites. With many lifting equipment handling heavy weights, it is a prerequisite to ensure that they are tough enough to hold all heavy-duty goods and materials required for manufacturing and construction.

By doing proof load testing, you can rest assured that all your critical lifting equipment is in excellent working condition and safe to use. You can operate at its maximum potency. The testing ensures that equipment meets the industry safety standards and regulations, which give your workers a sense of security and confidence while working at your facility.

What Makes WH Scott & Son Engineers Unique Load Testing Service Provider?

You get extensive load testing services at WH Scott & Son Engineers, including static, dynamic, and non-destructive load testing. With our exemplary load testing services, allow your workers to handle a safe working load every time and avoid accidental hazards or injuries.

We are a pioneering load testing company in the UK and Ireland for the following reasons.

  • We perform tensile and compression testing depending on the lifting equipment and the type of load it handles.
  • Our professional engineers and surveyors specialise in conducting proof load testing techniques that involve avant-garde devices.
  • From cranes and on-site lifting equipment to different offshore lifting equipment, we carry load tests on all types of heavy lifting machinery, including ropes, chains; spreader beams, lifting beams, and bollards.
  •  We conduct thorough load testing on your equipment to ensure it meets the industry regulations and standards.
  •  Our qualified team of engineers can address your concerns and queries 24/7.

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