Statutory Inspections

Our highly-trained specialised engineers can visit your site to conduct statutory examinations of lifting and height safety equipment.

With regular inspection, you make sure your equipment is in top shape and can handle the toughest jobs. A trained technician can determine if small repairs will make a big difference and can make repair suggestions to help your equipment run more efficiently. An equipment inspector may point out details your team might have missed or overlooked.

Regular inspections are integral to ensuring the safety of your workers. These inspections can  provide you with peace of mind and allow you to complete your projects on schedule, knowing that all your equipment is in good condition. When it comes down to it, there is no reason not to have regular inspections and get the most out of the investment you made in your heavy equipment.

Following an inspection you will receive LOLER/SI299 compliant reports, which meet all UK and Ireland health and safety requirements, plus a full list of all equipment that has failed, is missing or received an advisory remark from the engineer. We can create an inspection schedule tailored to your operational requirements and also provide dedicated site-based resource for stores and certification.

  • Online asset management & certification portal
  • Trained inspectors operating nationally throughout UK & Ireland
  • Compliant certificates and documentation
  • Instant reports processed through inspector’s tablet minutes after leaving site
  • Over 400,000 statutory examinations managed annually across UK & Ireland

From shackles and web slings to chain blocks and lifting beams, click here to get in touch with the WHS team and book your equipment in today.