Statutory Inspections

For more than 150 years, WH Scott & Son Engineers has been offering trusted services of statutory inspections to ensure lifting equipment is in top-notch condition. Our team of trained technicians has first-hand experience in all types of equipment inspections across different industries. We conduct thorough inspections and safety examinations of the equipment to confirm they are ready to handle the most challenging jobs while ensuring the safety of the organisation’s employees.

Our trained technicians aim to inspect the lifting equipment to determine if they need repairs or suggest any improvement that can make a big difference. We confirm that your equipment is as efficient as possible by specifying what you have yet to notice in your equipment.

Drop off all your assumptions about equipment safety at your manufacturing facility today! Get in touch with the WH Scott & Son Engineers team, and we will visit your site to conduct thorough statutory inspections of your equipment at regular intervals. Hiring our pioneering equipment inspection services will ensure you get the maximum return on lifting and height equipment investment.

On-Site Statutory Inspections: Services We Offer

We offer statutory inspections and testing of lifting equipment to protect your workers and allow them to work in a safer environment. With the assistance of our highly-trained and specialised engineers, we conduct regular inspections of all your lifting equipment on-site to ascertain the safety of your workers.

Our services for statutory inspection of lifting equipment include:

  • We complete inspection and testing of the lifting and height equipment to ensure uninterrupted operations at your facility.
  • From lifting shackles, web slings, and hooks to chain blocks and lifting beams, we do a wide range of equipment lifting equipment inspection services.
  • Our trained engineers have the expertise to thoroughly analyse the faults in the equipment and provide advisory remarks to your team.
  • We plan inspection schedules for your manufacturing facility tailored to your operations or production process.
    Upon inspection completion, we issue LOLER/SI299 compliant reports for the equipment, ensuring that they meet the UK and Ireland’s health and safety regulatory requirements.
  • We outline the list of equipment not in the proper condition or considered unsafe by our dedicated engineers.

Significance of Conducting Regular Inspections

Statutory inspections are a rudimentary part of operational procedures for manufacturing organisations. It became mandatory by law after the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations came in 1998. Under the Regulations, businesses need to undergo statutory equipment inspections to ensure the lifting mechanisms’ safety and to check occupational risks.

For this reason, enforcing authorities compel businesses to meet the requirements of statutory inspections as a part of their compliance with the provisions of UK Legislation.

Beyond compliance, you need statutory lift inspections regularly to maintain transparency in the engineering mechanisms of your organisation and avoid potential safety faults or risks! Knowing that all your indispensable equipment is in the finest condition will give you peace of mind while enabling your workers to complete their projects on time.

Why Choose WH Scott & Son Engineers for Statutory Inspections?

WH Scott & Son Engineers has a century of expertise in statutory lifting equipment inspections. We offer specialised services to manufacturers to assist them in achieving compliance and avoiding occupational risks.

Hiring our team for on-site inspection and testing your lifting equipment will be the best decision ever!

  • Team of trained inspectors operating nationally throughout the UK and Ireland
  • Online asset management and certification portal
  • We provide you with compliant certificates and documentation
  • We create instant reports on the inspector’s tablet minutes after assessing the equipment and leaving the site
  • We handle over 400,000 statutory examinations annually across the UK & Ireland

From shackles and web slings to chain blocks and lifting beams,

click here to get in touch with the WHS team and book your equipment in today.